~ Fucha ~

In early 2021, 10-year-old Fucha found her forever home. Ever since, she has absolutely flourished and loves her family. 

Fucha arrived at the Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary all the way from Israel. She was a very timid and nervous senior dog and had obviously had a tough life up until she was rescued. Despite all that happened, however, Fucha maintained her sweet nature. And, in 2021, found her forever home. 

Before adopting Fucha, her human had already been involved with Dog Tales through fostering – with one becoming a forever foster! When she met Fucha, she fell in love. She knew that Fucha had found her home in that moment. 

Because Fucha’s human works from home, they can both spend time together. Her job is very demanding, so Fucha reminds her to take a break every once in a while. She also quietly sits with her human while she works and there for her. 

Having Fucha has given her human a new perspective on rescued senior dogs. So often, older animals go unnoticed and spend a lot of time in shelters. Knowing that she is able to now give Fucha a happy life full of love and comfort has been hugely rewarding. She has also given her a new hope in humans as she will always be by her side. 

With new freedom, one of Fucha’s favourite things is going on long forest hikes with her human and fur brother, Copper. This has been a great way for them all to bond and spend time together. For them to just be in the moment with one another. 

The impact that both Fucha and her human have had on each other is truly amazing. Fucha is able to live out her life in a home full of unconditional love and has brought her forever home so much happiness.