~ Leia ~

A couple of years ago, Leia found her forever home. Since then, she has brought immense happiness to her family and community. 

For as long as she can remember, Leia’s human has always wanted a dog. When she was 10 years old, she got a laptop. With it, she made reports and PowerPoint presentations each year to convince her parents to get a dog. However, by her 16th birthday, Leia’s human had saved up enough money and was given permission to adopt a dog! 

Soon enough, Leia’s human was in contact with a breeder and she and her family went to go meet them. There was a lot of uncertainty going into it, and her parents said that the puppy may not be the right one. However, as soon as they all met the puppy, Leia, it was love at first sight. That was one of the happiest days for both Leia and her human. 

Through thick and thin, Leia has always been there for her human. During rough patches and challenges during high school, Leia was able to help bring a bit of sunshine to each day, and has even licked away her human’s tears. They truly are best friends and Leia has definitely had a huge impact on her human and has given her a purpose. 

During high school, Leia’s human even got a part-time at Animates, a pet care store in NZ, to learn more about dogs and animals in general. She wants to provide Leia with the best life possible. Leia has simply brought so much more happiness into her family’s lives. Her bubbly personality just brings smiles to everyone’s faces. 

One of their favourite things to do together is photoshoots. Leia loves being in front of the camera and happily poses every time a camera is out! Her human has a passion for photography and photo editing, so this is something that is special to both of them. It’s also time they get together and can enjoy each other’s company.

Leia is certainly a photogenic doggo! Whenever her human has a bandana or outfit, she will run right up to her with her tail wagging excitedly and she’ll just begin posing. That’s one of the reasons they also started sharing photos on Instagram, to share the pure joy that comes from taking photos together. However, after long days, their favourite thing is to sit together and watch the sunset. 

The impact that Leia has had on her human and their greater community is immense. She is a ray of sunshine and manages to brighten the days of everyone she meets! Not only this, but she has changed her human’s life for the better and the bond they now share is truly special.