~ Madison and Yumi ~

Just over a year ago, Madison adopted Guinea pig, Yumi, into her home. They have since become the best of friends. 

In October of 2020, Yumi was born. Madison had met him only a few days after he was born. She fell instantly in love with him but could not adopt him at the time. Then, that Christmas, they were reunited and have been together ever since. 

Having Yumi has had such a big impact on Madison. He has helped her to learn more about responsibility. Whenever times are tough, he’s right there for her and brings her so much joy. No matter what, he can always brighten her day. 

Not only has Yumi improved Madison’s life, but also that of her family’s. Madison’s brother has also come to love Yumi and has had to learn how to properly interact with him. Madison’s aunt happens to have Yumi’s mother, so she often advises on how to properly care for him. All of Madison’s family love seeing Yumi. 

One of Madison’s favourite things is simply spending time together. Whether Yumi is running around his house or sleeping, Madison enjoys watching him be himself. They love just being in each other’s company. 

It is evident how much Madison and Yumi have impacted each other. From Madison caring for Yumi, to him always brightening her days, they share such a strong bond.