~ Caitlin and Bella ~

Two years ago, Caitlin met Bella, a Border Collie puppy. Since then, they have formed such a strong and special bond. 

For as long as she can remember, Caitlin had always wanted her own puppy. Her family already had a seven-year-old dog named Lucy, but Caitlin wanted a puppy who she could grow up with. 

Christmas of 2019, Caitlin and her family were on their way to meet some family friends, only this was just a cover. They were actually on their way to meet a new litter of Border Collie puppies! Once they arrived, Caitlin was overjoyed. One puppy, in particular, ran right up to her and the rest is history. There was no doubt this puppy, Bella, had found her home. 

Having Bella has helped Caitlin immensely. She has gained confidence in herself and has learnt to be more assertive through training Bella. Together, they do a lot of agility training. It’s time they get to spend together and it’s something they both enjoy.

One of Caitlin’s favourite things is working on new tricks and commands with Bella. Because of this, she has been inspired to pursue dog training as a career! Without Bella, Caitlin wouldn’t have known just how much she loves working with dogs. 

It is evident just how much Bella has impacted Caitlin, and vice versa. They have enriched each other’s lives through the love, joy and happiness they share.