~ Tamzyn and Nala ~

Just over three years ago, Nala was welcomed into Tamzyn’s home. Since then, they have created a beautiful bond and have greatly improved each other’s lives.

Originally, Nala lived with Tamzyn’s cousin. However, in 2019, he moved to Australia from the UK and was unable to take then 18-month-old Nala with him. Without a doubt in her mind, Tamzyn offered to take her in and give her a forever home. She was a very sweet but quiet kitten and was just a bundle of fluff. Tamzyn was in love!

Having Nala has had a huge impact on Tamzyn’s life. She has struggled with multiple sclerosis (MS), and some days are harder than others. While for the most part, her MS is well managed, some days can be a challenge. On these days, Nala is right there for her. She will sit at the end of Tamzyn’s bed and just watch her, to make sure she’s okay. Not only this, but she often gives her leg massages and on the days when she struggles to get out of bed, Nala checks on her every hour with a head bunt. 

When Tamzyn first adopted Nala, she was told that she wasn’t much of a lap cat. Now, Nala will only ever sit with Tamzyn. She even meows at Tamzyn for nose kisses! It just goes to show how close they are and how much Nala cares for her human.

Not only has Nala helped Tamzyn’s physical health, but also her mental health. On the more difficult days, Nala can always brighten Tamzyn’s day. She always feels loved and cared for and never feels judged on the days she can’t get up. Nala has no expectations of her, other than food, of course. She can make Tamzyn laugh and smile when it’s difficult.

Nala has also had an impact on Tamzyn’s partner. Initially, he wasn’t a big fan of cats, however, Nala made sure to change this. He loves seeing Nala each day and seeing just how much she cares for her human. She also brings happiness to all their neighbours and family as she enjoys socialising with them. Nala often sits on the windowsill and brings smiles to everyone who passes their window. 

The impact that Nala has had on Tamzyn has been incredible. No matter what, they know they have each other. They share so much love for one another and it’s evident just how much they have improved each other’s lives.