~ Kevser and Simba ~

Just over a year ago, Kevser found Simba alone and in need of urgent care. In the time they’ve been together, Kevser has helped Simba to thrive and live his best life. 

In July of 2020, Kevser was walking along a beach not too far from her home. There, she found a tiny, one-month-old ginger kitten. He had been severely injured and was in need of emergency care. Kevser immediately took him in her arms and rushed to the vet. 

Once she was at the vet, Kevser ensured that the kitten received the care he needed. However, he had sustained serious spinal damage, meaning he could no longer use his back legs. There was also no doubt in her mind that this kitten had found his forever home, and was named Simba. 

With Simba in her life, Kevser has learned so much about cats and life in general. While she already had five cats before Simba, she’s been amazed at how much he has taught her. He has inspired her, and many others, with his courage and bravery in the face of great difficulties. 

Due to Simba sustaining severe spinal damage at such a young age, he uses a wheelchair to get around. Despite this, he is still very active and loves to get himself into mischief. Because of this, Kevser wanted to start an Instagram account to show others that having a disability doesn’t make an animal harder to care for. 

Since starting Simba’s account, he has amassed well over 30,000 followers! They often receive messages from people expressing how much Simba has inspired them or how just seeing his face has brightened their day. It has also encouraged people to adopt animals with disabilities. Simba has shown them that having one doesn’t mean they can have a full, happy life. 

Having Simba has brought immense happiness and love into Kevser’s life. He can always bring a smile to people’s faces and can brighten anyone’s day. Kevser and her family love to spend time with him. When they visit Kevser’s grandmother, she is always thrilled to see her grand-fur. 

While Simba is still young, he loves to relax and cuddle up with Kevser. When she sits down, Simba will happily curl up with her and fall asleep and when she pets his tummy, he purrs. These moments bring Kevser so much happiness. She feels at peace when spending time with him.

The impact Simba has had on Kevser, her family and the greater community has been huge. He continues to inspire many people all over the world. Thanks to Kevser’s care and love, he is absolutely thriving and living his best life. Not only this, but it is obvious how much happiness he brings to Kevser’s life. They truly share such a strong bond.