~ Krystal, Sarah, Emmett and Frankie ~

A few years ago, Sarah and her wife, Krystal, welcomed Emmett into their family. Then, a year ago, they added Frankie. Since then, they have become a beautiful family full of love. 

Sadly, in 2018, Sarah lost her twin sister. She was devastated and felt there was a huge hole in her heart. As an avid animal lover, Sarah felt it was fitting to adopt an animal from her local SPCA.

Shortly after losing her sister, Sarah, and Krystal, went to the Wellington SPCA centre. There, they met an 11-month-old kitten named Alexander. He was small and scared, quite the opposite of what they had been looking for. However, something about his eyes and sweet face won Sarah and Krystal over. They decided to adopt him and renamed him Emmett in Emma’s honour. 

About two years later, Sarah and Krystal decided to adopt another fur baby. They discovered a new litter of Dachshund puppies who were being advertised on behalf of a pet store in New Plymouth. From where they live, this was a 4.5 hour drive, but after some thinking, they decided to go for it. 

They next day, once they arrived, they were in love. Sarah and Krystal met the puppy, Frankie who was a small, bouncy ball of fluff, and immediately decided he was the perfect pup for them. 

At first, there was an adjustment period, however, Emmett and Frankie now get along like brothers. They nap together, play with Frankie’s ball and play-fight, and enjoy being around each other. They sometimes have disagreements, but never go to sleep without making up. 

Having both Emmett and Frankie has helped Sarah and Krystal hugely. Since first adopting him, Emmett has shared a very special bond with Sarah. They spend much of their time together and Emmett is always there for her. Due to health issues, Sarah had to work from home in 2021. During this time, Emmett was the best coworker! He would stay by her side all day long and provide her with all the snuggles she needed.

While Emmett is Sarah’s best friend, Frankie is Krystal’s, but they’re both their fur children. Frankie is always extremely excited when his mums come home. He greets them at the door and, no matter what kind of day they’ve had, he always lifts their mood. Not only this, but Frankie encourages them to go out. He loves his walks, especially at the beach, and he goes everywhere that he can with Sarah and Krystal, from festivals to markets. 

Emmett and Frankie bring so much happiness into Sarah and Krystal’s lives. Emmett is always there for snuggles and comfort, and Frankie is always there to make them laugh or cheer them up after a long day – although he’s known to sometimes hide socks in their garden! The joy that they bring Sarah and Krystal is what inspired them to start an Instagram account for them, so they could share this with more people. 

Not only do Emmett and Frankie brighten Sarah and Krystal’s lives, but also that of their friends and family. Emmett and Frankie’s grandparents love seeing them for playdates, naps and even sleepovers! All of the family look forward to seeing their furry family members! 

The impact that Emmett and Frankie have had on Krystal and Sarah has been incredible. They’ve helped them through thick and thin and have provided them with endless joy and unconditional love.