~ Justine, Peter, Carl and Mo ~

Almost a year ago, Justine and her partner, Peter, adopted kittens, Carl and Mo. Ever since, they have formed a very strong bond and have become a little family. 

At the end of 2020, Justine and Peter wanted to welcome a furry friend into their lives. They had both grown up with animals in their lives, and wanted to welcome some new additions into their home. 

Soon, they discovered a rescue called the Orphan Kitten Club, based in San Diego, on social media. They saw videos and photos of two fluffy kitten brothers and fell in love. Without a doubt, Justine and Peter decided that the kittens, Carl and Mo, had found their forever home. 

While adopting Carl and Mo, Justine and Peter learnt that they were found abandoned. Thankfully, the Orphan Kitten Club were able to rescue them, nurse them and then find them loving homes. Not only this, but the rescue was able to find the kitten’s mother and spay her to be re-released. 

Since welcoming them into their home, Justine and Peter’s lives have changed. Thanks to Carl and Mo, they share so much more happiness in each day. Because they’re kittens, they also definitely keep Justine and Peter on their toes! 

While Carl and Mo definitely have a lot of energy and enjoy playing, they also like to simply spend time with Justine and Peter. Not only this, but they’re hoping to try harness training for exploring their community. 

The impact that Justine, Peter, Carl and Mo have all had on each other is huge. They have each brought so much love and happiness into one another’s life.