~ Liv and Pinot ~

Over a year ago, Liv welcomed Miniature Schnauzer pup, Pinot, into her home. Since then, Pinot has brought so much happiness and love into her life. 

For as long as she can remember, Liv has always wanted a dog. Yet, there was always something that prevented her from doing this. She felt it best to wait until life settled down a bit for her. Then she realised that waiting for that could be a very long time, so she decided in 2020 that she would adopt a puppy.

Liv had been looking everywhere for a puppy. She wanted to welcome a furry friend into her home, but couldn’t the right one for her. It’s important to find a dog that worked with her lifestyle and spent a long time looking at different dogs and dog breeds. After a while, not long after, she heard of a litter of seven and a half week old Schnauzer puppies! She decided to go meet them. 

On Queen’s Birthday Weekend in 2020, Liv went to meet with them. It felt right to her. She talked to the breeder and felt very confident as they asked a lot of questions and vetted her to make sure she could provide for the puppy. When she finally met them, Liv fell in love! They were all sweet, bubbly and friendly pups. 

The first puppy she met was the one. As soon as Liv picked her up, the puppy instantly calmed down and curled into her arms. Liv knew from this moment that she was the perfect companion for her. When she was ten and a half weeks old, Liv took the pup home and named her Pinot. 

Having Pinot has helped Liv immensely. She has found that having a canine companion has helped her become more settled. Through tough times, Pinot is a constant in her life and can always brighten her day, no matter what. Not only this, but Liv has also had so many new experiences thanks to Pinot, such as meeting new people, going on adventures, and more. 

One of the best things for Liv about having Pinot is being able to take her to work. Pinot is Liv’s office dog and this has helped, not only her, but also her coworkers. When she excitedly enters the office, everyone is eager to greet her. Pinot has become a very popular member of their team. She has helped bring them closer in that she encourages people to socialise and talk more with each other – Pinot even joins them for daily lunch dates!

If Pinot can’t make it to work one day, Liv is always asked “where’s Pinot??” It just goes to show how much Pinot means to everyone she meets. She has greatly impacted the live’s of anyone who meets her. Their team leader even makes time for Pinot to play with her. She brings happiness to every single person in the office and it’s something that Liv feels very proud of. 

Waking up every morning to Pinot’s furry face instantly starts Liv’s day off with a smile. They happily snuggle together and then start their day. When Liv isn’t at work, she loves going horseriding. Pinot has recently taken quite a liking to following her when she does this! Doing this is something she had always dreamed of and she feels ecstatic to be living it. They also enjoy going on adventures, whether going to their favourite dog park or exploring new areas. 

The impact Pinot has had on Liv has been huge. No matter what’s going on in her life, Pinot can always brighten her day. She has encouraged Liv to embrace life more and has brought her unconditional love. They truly share a very special bond.