~ Lilly and Piper ~

Over three years ago, Lilly met Piper. Since then, they have become the best of friends and have had such a big impact on each other. 

In 2018, Lilly was told of a little puppy looking for her forever home. Her partner’s mother and sister who foster animals from the Saving Hope Foundation sent her some photos of them. She instantly fell in love with one in particular – Piper. Without any hesitation, Lilly went to go meet the pup.

Upon meeting Piper, Lilly was smitten. She was a small 9-week-old puppy with a big personality and instantly treated Lilly as her family. There was no doubt in Lilly’s mind that Piper had found her forever home.

Sadly, in 2020, Lilly’s other dog, Charlie, passed away. He and Piper loved to play together and would often do so outside in the back section. Piper raced back to Lilly and alerted her to there being something seriously wrong. It wasn’t long before Lilly saw Charlie had been attacked by two big dogs and, tragically, he didn’t make it. 

This was devastating for Lilly, Piper and their family. Through it all, however, Piper helped Lilly through it and vice versa. They were both traumatised from the ordeal, but together, they got through it. If Piper senses Lilly is feeling sad, she plays and runs around to make her smile. 

Since then, Lilly and Piper have developed a very strong bond. Through good times and bad, they have been by each other’s side. Piper has been Lilly’s rock through thick and thin. Not a day goes by that Piper doesn’t bring happiness into Lilly’s life. 

Not only has Piper had an impact on Lilly’s life, but also on their family, friends and community. She just knows how to brighten someone’s day. Everyone who she meets instantly falls in love with her bubbly personality and infectious positivity. 

Something that Lilly and Piper love doing together is going for walks together. They often go to a nearby field and play with a ball. Piper is always excited to do zoomies and just have the freedom to run as much as she wants! 

As well as this, Piper loves to go to the beach for a swim. She’s certainly a very active dog and encourages Lilly to be out in nature. When it’s warmer, they also love to play with the water hose at home!

To Lilly, Piper means the world. She is so grateful to have her by her side. Piper has had a huge impact on Lilly and the love and care they have for one another is very special.