~ Nafisha and Ary ~

Five years ago, Ary found her forever home with Nafisha. Since then, Ary has helped Nafisha immensely and has changed her life so much. 

For as long as she can remember, Nafisha had been terrified of dogs. She couldn’t go near one due to her anxieties around them. In the years before adopting Ary, Nafisha slowly got used to being around dogs. Her boss would bring in service dogs-in-training and her partner is a big dog lover. After a while, Nafisha began to overcome her fear of dogs. 

In 2016, after having thought about it, Nafisha decided to adopt a dog. She discovered a mixed breed puppy at a pet store in Auckland who was affiliated with a animal rescue based in Thames, NZ. She was instantly drawn to this one pup as she was very small but had very long legs in proportion to her body! It was love at first sight and, as a Game of Thrones fan, Nafisha named her Ary after Arya Stark. 

Being Nafisha’s first dog, Ary has had such a huge impact on her life. She has helped Nafisha to further overcome her fear of dogs, and has brought so much more happiness into her life. Not only this, but Ary has improved her mental health overall. Through encouraging her to socialise more, she helps calm her down in times of stress, and more. 

Something that Nafisha and Ary enjoy doing is going for adventures together. Whether walking along a beach, exploring a new place or one of their favourite parks. They love doing this as it’s time for just them, to be in each other’s company and experience new things. 

Through thick and thin, Nafisha and Ary have been by each other’s side. Ary has brought unconditional love and so much joy into Nafisha’s life. For this, she is incredibly grateful and they have both changed each other’s lives for the better.