~ Kit and Frost ~

Just over two years ago, Kit adopted their canine companion, Frost. Since then, they have formed such a special bond.

In 2019, Kit and their partner were looking to adopt a furry friend. They soon heard of a litter of Border Collie pups and fell in love. When they met one of the puppies at nine weeks old, Kit instantly knew she was perfect. They adopted her and named her Frost. 

No matter what, Frost can always brighten Kit’s day. Whether she’s finding somewhere high up to sit, excitedly running to them, or ungracefully jumping at them for a cuddle, Frost never fails to bring a smile to her human’s day. 

Having Frost has greatly impacted Kit’s life. After long days at work or when they’re feeling down, Frost is right there. She just knows how to cheer them up. As well as this, she also encourages Kit to go out for walks each day which has had been very helpful to their mental health. 

One of Kit and Frost’s favourite activities is going out on adventures together. Frost loves to explore the beach for sticks and play in the water. Being a collie, she has a lot of energy! She just loves being active and is always ready to play, or go exploring. 

Frost has had such a big impact on Kit. The bond they’ve formed is so special and has bettered Kit’s life immensely. Frost has brought so much happiness into their life.