~ Jen, Peanut and Eugene ~

Almost three years ago, Jen adopted the beautiful Peanut. A year and a half later, she adopted Lynx Point Siamese cat, Eugene. Ever since then, they have all created such a strong bond and have helped each other immensely. 

In 2015, Jen’s 16-year-old cat sadly passed away, and not too long after that, her 6-year-old dog. This was absolutely devastating for Jen and she decided to take a break from having animals as it was just too painful. 

Four years later, one of Jen’s friends was fostering a puppy. The Cattle dog mix pup was a ball of energy but also one that had a lot of love to give. As soon as Jen met the puppy, her heart melted and she just knew this was the perfect dog. She quickly adopted her and named her Peanut. 

At the time, Jen had been living in Phoenix. This was difficult for both her and Peanut, so she made the decision to move to Montana to give Peanut the best life possible. However, having just moved at the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdowns, it was a challenge. Jen was very thankful to have her canine companion at this time. 

Soon, Jen felt it would be good for Peanut to have another furry friend. Jen decided to adopt a kitten, a Lynx Point Siamese. She named him Eugene. It took a while for Peanut to adjust as she was a bit scared at first, however, they soon became inseparable!

No matter what, Peanut and Eugene could always brighten Jen’s day. Whether they’re chasing or playing with each other, or curling up together, having them has greatly impacted Jen’s life. 

Something that they all enjoy doing together is going out for adventures. Peanut loves doing zoomies through the snow, as well as hiking with Jen and playing with her favourite soccer ball at the dog park. So they can enjoy it even more, Jen has been working on leash training with Eugene. She hopes that all three of them can go out together and enjoy exploring with each other. 

The impact that Peanut and Eugene have had on Jen has been huge. Through thick and thin, they have all been there for one another. They share so much love and care for each other. They truly share such a special bond.