~ Shannon and Chewbacca ~

Just over two years ago, Chewbacca, or Chewie, found his forever home with Shannon. Since then, Chewie has changed his family’s lives by sharing his love and happiness with them. 

In 2019, Shannon and her partner were looking to adopt a cat. They spent quite some time looking online for the perfect furry friend. Then, they came across a photo of a small ginger kitten on the 9 Lives Orphanage website. Shannon instantly fell in love with his sweet face and they decided to adopt him. He had sad eyes and they wanted to give him his best life. 

Once they adopted him, and named him Chewbacca, it took some time for him to adjust. He was a bit shy and scared the first few days and took some time and patience from Shannon and her partner to coax him out from hiding. It wasn’t too long, however, before he started to trust them. Now, he loves playing with them and lots of snuggles. 

Shannon struggles with mental health, and some days can be harder than others. On the tough days, Chewie is always there for her. He knows when she needs some extra care and will follow her around and try to make her smile. Whether he decides to give her a cuddle or does something silly to make her laugh, Chewie just seems to know how to brighten Shannon’s day.

When Shannon lost her job last year, she was devastated. When she returned home after her final shift, Chewie immediately went to her side. He jumped onto her lap and tried to lick and swat her tears away with his paws! He just wants to bring happiness to his humans and, no matter what, he always does.

Not only does Chewie have an impact on Shannon and her partner, but also on those around him. He loves when Shannon’s mum comes to visit and will run to the door as soon as he hears her. He’s a very lovable and bubbly cat who makes everyone around him smile. 

One of Chewie’s favourite things to do with Shannon is playing fetch. He has a purple mouse toy that he loves to play with and loves to fetch. He also enjoys playing outside in his playpen and doing zoomies! At the end of the day, he simply just likes to curl up with his human for a snuggle. 

In 2021, Chewie played a pivotal role in Shannon and her partner’s relationship – he helped propose! Shannon’s partner put a note in Chewie’s collar that read ‘will you marry me?’ and as she read it, he got down on one knee. They have since gotten married and are a very happy family. 

The impact that Chewie has had on Shannon and her partner has been huge. The love he shares with them is evident in how much he cares for them. They all share such a special bond and have helped each other through so much.