~ Alex and Appa ~

Almost two years ago, Alex adopted Golden Retriever pup, Appa. In the time since, they have formed such a lovely bond. 

In April of 2020, Alex wanted to adopt a dog. She had always wanted a furry friend and felt it was the right time. She soon heard of a litter of Golden Retriever puppies. She instantly fell in love with one of the pups. He was shy but also very cuddly. Alex decided he was the one and so adopted him and named him Appa. 

Having Appa has had a huge impact on Alex. Being a medical school student can be stressful. It can be very challenging at times. During these times, however, Appa is always there by her side. No matter what, he never fails to brighten her day. 

When Alex has been studying all day, Appa encourages her to take a break. He reminds her it’s important to stop for a moment and just get some fresh air. This has also been immensely helpful during the Covid-19 pandemic. After being inside and in lockdown, Appa helped Alex to cope better and to feel less alone during the stressful period. 

Not only this, but having Appa has helped Alex have a daily purpose. Knowing that she has to care for another being has helped give her a focus. From feeding, brushing, playing and all his other cares, it has been great for Alex.

The joy and positivity that Appa brings to Alex’s life has been immense. He loves to snuggle with her and play in their backyard or at their local park. He has also inspired Alex to start her own Etsy business – AlexAndAppa. Here, she sells many different products, including bandanas for dogs!

Whatever life may throw at them, Alex and Appa know that they have each other. Appa has brought so much happiness and love into Alex’s life and their bond continues to flourish.