~ Ann and Wild Thang ~

Five years ago, Ann met Wild Thang. A sweet little pup who needed a bit of extra care. In the time since, he has flourished into a beautiful dog. 

In 2016, Ann helped to give birth to one of her Pekingese litters. Unfortunately, soon after, Ann recognised that one of the puppies, Wild Thang, had caught the distemper virus. Distemper is highly contagious and can affect multiple organs such as the respiratory, gastrointestinal and central nervous systems. It has a low survival rate, especially for younger pups.

It was a difficult time for Ann and Wild Thang. Thankfully, through a lot of care and patience, he pulled through. However, because of the nature of the virus, it partially paralysed Wild Thang’s jaw, meaning he has limited movement of his tongue, and one of his front legs has a continuous paddle. Despite this, he is a healthy and very happy dog. 

Having Wild Thang has greatly impacted Ann’s life. She sees his beauty in his resilience, strength and positivity. No matter what, he is always there for her and excited for each day. Wild Thang brings so much joy and love into Ann’s life and never fails to make her smile. 

Not only has Wild Thang had an impact on Ann, but also on their community. Whenever they go out into the community, they are always met with people wanting to say hi. He spreads joy with everyone he meets. He loves to make people happy, whether from being his goofy self or cuddling up with someone. 

A couple of years ago, Wild Thang was named second in the World’s Ugliest Dog competition. A title he holds with honour, sharing his story with many and showing that being different is something special. In 2021, he even featured on the Netflix series, Pet Stars!

When not out in public, Ann and Wild Thang enjoy cooking. He is her best taste tester – according to him, everything she makes is delicious! They also love hiking together around Oregon. Above all else, simply being in each other’s company means the world to them both. 

The bond that Ann and Wild Thang share is truly special. From a tough start in life, Wild Thang has flourished into an awesome doggo who brightens everyone’s day.