~ Kate and Olaf ~

Four years ago, Kate welcomed Olaf into her home. In the time they’ve been together, they have formed such a strong bond and have improved each other’s lives. 

Kate has always loved animals. In 2017, she heard of a Samoyed pup and fell instantly in love. She adopted him soon after and named him Olaf. 

When she first met Olaf, Kate knew he was a perfect dog for her family. He had such a sweet face and he was very affectionate. She couldn’t resist adopting him and, ever since, they’ve become the best of friends. 

Since having Olaf, Kate’s life has been hugely improved. No matter what may be happening in her life, Olaf can always make her smile. He just seems to sense when she needs a bit of comfort or support and does all he can to cheer her up. Whether that’s bringing her a toy or a nice warm snuggle. 

Those who meet Olaf when he’s out and about are delighted to see him. On Kate’s more challenging days, spending time with Olaf makes her feel so much better. He encourages her to go outside, to be active and to focus her attention on just him. 

They both love being in each other’s company. One of their favourite things to do together is going for walks and hikes. Exploring new places and enjoying nature is something they enjoy doing. They have also been trying out paddleboarding! This is something they’ve found to be another great way to spend time together. 

The bond that Kate and Olaf share is so strong. Olaf has brought so much happiness and joy into Kate’s life, and she has enriched his life since adopting him.