~ Annely and Steve ~

Six years ago, Annely welcomed lamb, Steve, into her home. Since then, Steve has become a much-loved family member and has developed a special bond with Annely and her family. 

In 2015, Annely met Steve. He was just a few weeks old at the time and she had to bottle feed him. He was a very friendly little lamb and enjoyed socialising. Unfortunately, after a while, it appeared that his mother rejected him. Not long after, Annely and her family decided to keep Steve and welcome him into their home. 

It didn’t take too long for Steve to settle into his new home. He would often sit with Annely and her family on the couch, snuggling into them. He has brought so much joy into their lives and they have definitely fallen in love with him and his sweet personality. 

Having Steve has taught Annely, her family and their community so much. It doesn’t matter what kind of animal they are, all have feelings and love to be loved. He enjoys being part of their lives and bringing them happiness. He is also quite stylish in that he often changes his hair colour, further spreading joy to those he meets. 

Something that Annely and Steve love doing together is going for walks each day. He knows when it’s time for them to go out and will eagerly wait by the fence. Once he’s leashed up, they go for a walk. It’s time they get to spend together and enjoy each other’s company. 

As well as all this, Steve acts as a role model in his community. He shows many humans what sheep are actually like and how loving and intelligent they are. No matter what, he just seems to spread joy with everyone that he meets.

The impact that Steve has had on Annely and her family has been huge. He has changed their lives for the better by bringing more happiness and love into their home.