~ Caity, Jon, Mitzi, Luna, Tiberius, Rafiki and Astoria ~

Eight years ago, after moving into a new house together, Caity and Jon decided to adopt a furbaby. Since then, their family has grown to include four cats and a dog, all of whom have had a huge impact on one another. 

Within six months of moving into a new home, Caity and Jon wanted to welcome a furbaby into their family. They went to a local rescue with the intention to adopt two kittens, but one cat in particular had other plans. While at the rescue, they came across a seven-year-old cat, Mitzi, who had been there for months. She was a scared cat who would often hiss at people as they passed, but not Jon and Caity. From that moment, they knew she had chosen them as her family. 

Initially, Caity and Jon were told that Mitzi wouldn’t be suited to a home with other cats. However, after a few months, they felt she was getting lonely during the day while they were out. Then came along Luna, a very energetic kitten who loved to do zoomies and play. Caity and Jon fell in love and decided to adopt her. At first, Mitzi wasn’t too happy about the new addition, however, after a month, they gradually started spending more and more time together.

As there was an age gap between Mitzi and Luna, there appeared to be an obvious difference in energy levels. Because of this, Caity and Jon had thought about getting another cat who could keep up with Luna. They decided that they would go to have a look at kittens at a rescue, and if there was an ideal cat there, they would adopt them. While there, they met a small black kitten, named Tiberius, who was very unwell. 

After bringing him home, Caity and Jon realised just how serious Tiberius’ condition was. It was touch and go for a while and they were unsure whether he would even make it. However, after constant, around-the-clock care, Tiberius made a full recovery. Once he was feeling better, he proved to be a great fit for Luna, often keeping her on her toes. 

A year later, while out buying supplies for their feline trio, Caity and Jon were met with a very fluffy and excitable puppy. He had stolen their hearts and, that day, he had found his forever home. It felt right to them to welcome Rafiki into their family. He brought so much happiness and joy into their lives and they knew it was meant to be. 

Four years after adopting Rafiki, Caity and Jon came across an animal rescue’s Facebook post about a litter of kittens they found. All but one were quickly adopted. Caity and Jon saw the kitten’s face many times, and before long, decided they would provide her with her forever home, completing their furbaby quintet. At first, the kitten, Astoria, was very timid and didn’t like to be touched, but their surprise became best friends with Rafiki. Gradually, Astoria became more confident and now loves to have attention and cuddles. 

Having the quintet has helped both Caity and Jon immensely. Caity struggles with mental health issues at times, and having her furbabies there with her always brightens her day no matter what. They also just seem to know when she’s in need of a cuddle or two and help to motivate her each and every day. Not only this, but all their furbabies have taught Caity and Jon so much. When Rafiki stops and smells a flower, he reminds them to stop and appreciate all that surrounds them. 

During the Covid-19 lockdowns in New Zealand in 2020 and 2021, Mitzi, Luna, Tiberius, Rafiki and Astoria provided Caity and Jon with distraction and thus a sense of respite. Every day, they were encouraged by Rafiki to leave the house for walks, each day was filled with happiness due to the quintet’s antics, and so much more. They all helped one another through the difficult period by simply being a family. 

Mitzi, Luna, Tiberius, Rafiki and Astoria have had a massive impact on both Caity and Jon. They have brought happiness, love and so much more. Caity and Jon have also helped their quintet immensely and provided them with a caring and loving forever home. They all share such a beautiful bond that will only continue to grow.