~ Lauren and Koa ~

Two years ago, Lauren adopted Koa, a very intelligent chicken. Since then, she has had a huge impact on Lauren’s life. 

One day in 2019, Lauren and her mother were out to pick up some dog food. At the store, Lauren met some chicks they had for sale. She was immediately drawn to one chick in particular; she was the most confident of them all and felt an instant connection. 

Lauren’s mother agreed to adopt the chick, as well as four others. They were all very excited to welcome five more members into their family. However, Lauren was eager to get to know her confident chick, Koa. 

Having Koa has changed Lauren’s life. Early on, she realised just how special Koa is. Soon enough, Lauren began training Koa to perform a variety of tricks. In turn, Koa has helped Lauren become more patient and a better trainer, both for chickens and dogs! 

With Koa’s talents, both she and Lauren have travelled near and far for performances. They have made many media appearances together, including appearing on season 14 of ‘America’s Got Talent’ in 2019, Nickolodean’s ‘Unleashed’ in 2020, and the Netflix series, ‘Pet Stars’ in 2021, among many others. 

Through their adventures together, they have both met so many people and other animals. With this, with Koa, Lauren has helped spread awareness about and give others a new perspective on chickens. Koa can brighten the days of anyone she meets, and brings immense happiness wherever she goes. 

This has hugely helped Lauren. From new experiences and opportunities to even overcoming her stage fright. Having Koa has changed her life in so many ways. She has helped Lauren to gain a lot of confidence in herself. They love performing and showing off what Koa can do, but they also just enjoy each other’s company. Each day, they train and occasionally try new tricks. It’s time they get together and helps them both to grow as performers. 

It’s obvious just how much Lauren and Koa impact each other. They have helped each other immensely. No matter what, they lift each other up and make one another the best they can be.