~ Rodney ~

Just last year, 12-year-old Rodney finally found his forever home. Prior to this, he is known locally in New Zealand due to his challenging past, but is now thriving with his family and even has his own book!

Before 2020, Rodney was a local celebrity. He had claimed a local hardware store as his home, and happily lived there for about ten years. However, during 2020, he was taken from the store and dumped. This lead to a six-week search and he was found safe and sound. He was brought into a local animal welfare organisation and was relocated to a different city. 

The following year, Rodney went missing again, prompting a challenging four-month search. When he was found, a loving human who was involved in both searches, immediately put her hand up to adopt him and give him the home he deserves. 

Due to the impact he has had, Rodney has gained quite a following. Since his rise to stardom, he uses his fame to pay it forward and become an ambassador for other lost, stray, dumped and abandoned animals. He also has his own book that was released in September 2021 and merch range, with profits going to local rescues for food, enrichment, donations, and more. 

Not only does Rodney and his human use his platform to help rescues and other animals from difficult backgrounds, but he also spreads happiness. His social media pages are full of love and joy which often brightens the days of his followers. This means a lot to his human who enjoys being able to share his story with so many others. 

When he isn’t being an ambassador, Rodney enjoys spending time out on his catio with his best friend, Pete the Tuxedo Cat. Otherwise, he can be found snuggling up with his human, enjoying lots of cuddles and affection. 

The impact that Rodney has had on his human and the wider community has been huge. He has helped so many through simply having his journey shared and continues to be an inspiration. The love he shares is so beautiful and it will only continue to grow thanks to his human, who constantly showers him with love.