~ James, Bandit, Smokey, Miffy and Mr Pebbles ~

Seven years ago, James welcomed Miffy, Smokey and Bandit into his life. Then, a year later, welcomed Mr Pebbles. Since then, they have all formed a very special bond. 

In 2015, James met another lop-eared rabbit, Miffy. She was part of a litter who were trying to find homes as the owner couldn’t look after them all. James loved her sweet little face and adopted her, welcoming her into his family. 

A year later, while at a rescue, James met Mr Pebbles. James couldn’t resist adopting him, and welcomed him as the second bunny. 

Then, in 2019, James had heard of two lop-eared rabbits who were looking to be rehomed. He fell in love with both of them and immediately decided to adopt them – and named them Bandit and Smokey. 

Having Bandit, Smokey, Miffy and Mr Pebbles has enriched James’ life. With them, he feels there’s a sense of wholeness. They have given him more happiness and love, and have taught him about understanding animals. Looking after the rabbits is something that James feels honoured to do and enjoys every moment of it. 

James loves to spend time with his rabbits. When he sits on the carpet, all the bunnies will excitedly hop over to him and give him lots of cuddles! They all get on so well and have definitely made each other’s lives so much happier. 

The bond that James, Bandit, Smokey, Miffy and Mr Pebbles share is something truly special. They all have so much love for one another.