~ Emily, Kosmo and Nebula ~

Almost seven years ago, Emily welcomed the very fluffy, Kosmo, into her home. Then, A few years later, Nebula joined their family and they have all formed a loving and beautiful bond. 

Emily had always wanted a cat. She spent a whole year of searching and waiting for the right one to come along. Eventually, she heard of a family who were looking to re-home their cat as they were moving overseas. Emily organised to meet with their cat, Kosmo, and she was instantly in love and decided to adopt him. 

It took some time for Kosmo to adjust to his new home. For a while after being dropped off, he would sit by the door every day, just waiting, sometimes even meowing as he waited. It was so difficult for Emily to see Kosmo like this. However, after a few months of Emily’s care, love and patience, she eventually won Kosmo over. 

Not only has Emily helped Kosmo, but he has had a huge impact on her, too. Sadly, just before adopting him, she went through a miscarriage. She and her partner were heartbroken. When they adopted Kosmo, he provided them with a focus. He brought so much love and joy into their lives following such an awful time. They were able to care for him and he helped to heal some of their hurt. 

A few years later, while out buying cat food for Kosmo, Emily met with a small tabby kitten. That day, a foster family from the local shelter, The Lonely Miaow, had brought in some kittens. Emily was able to cuddle with one very sweet and quiet kitten, named Poppy, and that was it. This kitten was the perfect addition to her family, and a great friend for Kosmo. She decided to adopt her and renamed her Nebula. 

Both Kosmo and Nebula have changed Emily’s life. They are like children to her – she cares for them, talks to them, and does all she can to ensure they have the best life possible. In fact, in 2021, she even began renovations to have a catio and living space for cats. She hopes to use this to foster other cats, too, and wants to help stray and rescued cats and kittens find their forever homes, like Kosmo and Nebula have. 

As well as having an impact on Emily, Kosmo and Nebula have also had a lasting impression on their grandparents. Initially, Emily’s parents haven’t been animal people, however, they were soon won over! While Emily was at work during the renovations, both cats would go to her parent’s house where they would be completely fussed over and treated like royalty. It has meant a lot to Emily to see this and she feels that Kosmo and Nebula have completed the family. 

Something that Emily, Kosmo and Nebula love to do is go for walks! Emily has harness trained them both and they enjoy going on new adventures and exploring different surroundings. Not only this, but they also enjoy doing trick training. So far, they have learnt tricks such as ‘high five’, ‘shake’, ‘hi’ and many more. It’s time they all get to spend together and enjoy each other’s company and just have fun. 

Kosmo and Nebula mean the world to Emily. They have brought so much happiness into her life and have truly changed her life. Through love and laughter, they have all improved each other’s lives greatly.