~ OtiBoaty Boutique ~

Just over a year ago, Kirstie, with her business partner, Otis the pug, launched their business, OtiBoaty Boutique. OtiBoaty Boutique is a New Zealand based business that specialises in handmade bows, bandanas, pet apparel and more. 

During a trip to Japan, in 2017, Kirstie discovered shops there that sold luxury dog apparel among brands like Gucci. She was in awe at how beautiful the clothes and venues were. From that moment, she knew this was something she wanted to do in New Zealand. As someone who has always had a passion for fashion and animals, especially dogs, this was something she felt could be her calling.  

Three years later, Kirstie welcomed Otis into her life. He brought so much joy and love into Kirstie’s life. As she adopted him just before the Covid-19 lockdown in NZ, she had some extra time on her hands. During this time, she made and ordered all kinds of dog apparel for Otis. When out and about, they were stopped and asked where they had gotten the clothes. Kirstie found there was a want in the community for such apparel and, with some encouragement from friends, family and strangers she met, she felt it was time to pursue her passions and so OtiBoaty Boutique was born! 

The night that OtiBoaty Boutique launched is one that Kirstie remembers well. She was anxious for how her products would be received by the community, however, it wasn’t long before orders started piling in. Knowing that so many people wanted to buy her designs has been a dream come true for her and has meant so much. 

There have been many moments since launching OtiBoaty Boutique that have stuck with Kirstie. From a launch party of a new collection at a local dog park to selling out within minutes of launching a collaborative collection, Kirstie is proud of all her achievements with OtiBoaty Boutique. 

One of Kirstie’s favourite things is seeing dogs wearing OtiBoaty Boutique products, whether when out and about or on social media. It motivates her to continue to create new products and continue to share positivity within the pet community.

Since launching, Kirstie has met many people – and dogs – who have since become good friends. Being part of the pet community has meant so much to her and has been life-changing for her in bringing many new opportunities and connections. Not only this, but being able to share her passion and creativity with so many people has meant so much. Knowing that her products bring joy to both pets and pet parents inspires Kirstie to keep creating. 

OtiBoaty Boutique is an amazing business. The passion that Kirstie has for what she does shines through each and every product she makes. From the positivity she spreads to the designs she shares, Kirstie and Otis are definitely having a big impact on the pet community. If you’re looking for a gorgeous new accessory for your pup, make sure to check out OtiBoaty Boutique!