~ Ellis, Meg and Zelda ~

In 2021, Meg and Ellis welcomed mischievous Ragdoll kitten, Zelda, into their home. Since then, they have become a family and share such a strong bond. 

At the beginning of 2021, Meg and Ellis decided to move into their own place. They felt there was something missing, however, and decided to adopt a furbaby. They did some research and felt that a Ragdoll would be best suited to them and their day-to-day lives. 

Soon enough, Meg and Ellis found the perfect kitten. She was only 10-weeks-old, but as soon as she entered their house, it became her house. She immediately left the cage to investigate her new surroundings and very quickly became a loved member of Meg and Ellis’ family. 

Having Zelda has greatly improved Meg and Ellis’ lives. She has brought so much more happiness into their home. As well as this, Meg has been training to become a teacher. Part of this, during the Covid-19 pandemic, meant having to take many calls up to six hours per day, five days a week! It was a very tiring time, but through it, Zelda was right there to keep her company and provide her with a distraction if she needed it. 

Zelda has grown to become an avid adventurer. She loves to explore outside, do some birdwatching and chase bugs. Meg and Ellis even started a TikTok account for Zelda, to share all the cute and fun things she gets up to. At the end of the day, her favourite thing is give cuddles, or as they say in Welsh, cwtches. 

Not only has Zelda had an impact on Ellis and Meg, but also on their family and friends. Whenever they come over, everyone is excited to greet Zelda, who is always happy to give lots of cuddles and to play. 

With Zelda, Ellis and Meg’s lives have been hugely impacted. She has brought so much love and happiness into their home.