~ Fluffies For Fluffies ~

In 2019, Fluffies For Fluffies was launched. Fluffies For Fluffies is a New Zealand business who make fluffy products for cats as a way to give back to foster kittens and their foster parents. Their range includes their famous fluffy catnip toys, fluffy ball toys and fluffy blankets.

Founder of Fluffies For Fluffies, Becca, adopted her furbaby, Burnie, a few years ago. This was her first step into the rescuing and fostering world. She wanted a way she could continue helping cats. Burnie tolerates the kittens Becca fosters, however, having forever siblings would be a challenge. 

Wanting to help rescues across New Zealand, Becca decided to start her own business, Fluffies For Fluffies, with the support of Burnie, of course. They had a fair amount of catnip, and Becca felt one could only have so much. She began creating products for cats, and other animals, with their own catnip. 

Soon, Becca sold these products to help cats while staying at a shelter or in the care of a foster family. These products are donated to rescues and fosters. Knowing that she’s able to help so many people and animals means a lot to Becca and she loves every bit of what she does. 

Through Fluffies For Fluffies, Becca has met many different people and cats. Hearing of how much this has helped or even seeing videos or photos of cats enjoying her products is one of her favourite things about what she does. 

Something that Becca wishes for all pet parents to keep in mind is to neuter their animals. Many of those in a rescue are from unneutered pets. This can lead to many strays on the streets and it’s difficult for shelters and the animals themselves.

As Fluffies For Fluffies is a growing business, any support can go a long way. From a ‘like’ to a ‘share’, it can have such a big impact. Helping them also helps the many rescues they support. 

Fluffies For Fluffies is amazing. It’s obvious just how passionate Becca is about helping animals in need. Not only does she create beautiful products, but she also donates to help rescues and shelters. If you’re looking for a new toy or blanket, check out their Facebook and Instagram pages to order one!