~ Lauren and Chili ~

At the start of 2021, Lauren welcomed Chili, a sweet and excitable pup, into her life. Since then, they have formed a beautiful bond and have helped each other immensely. 

For as long as she can remember, Lauren has always wanted a dog. When she moved to New Zealand just over a year ago, she felt this was the right time. Not long after making the decision did she hear of a litter of Nova Scotia Duck Toller Retriever puppies. She saw photos of the pups and was in love with one in particular – Chili. Lauren decided that this was the perfect puppy and adopted her. 

Having Chili has had a huge impact on Lauren. As someone who often works from home, having Chili has encouraged Lauren to get up and go for walks, to relax and to simply take a break every now and then. Not only this, but Chili has helped Lauren to become more confident. She knows she has to be clear and consistent when training dogs, and this has helped her to better communicate with others. 

Since getting Chili, Lauren has discovered her passion for dog training. They train every day and learn alongside one another. It’s something they both enjoy doing together and it helps further strengthen their relationship. They have so much fun working on new tricks and routines together. Currently, Chili is at an intermediate level for her tricks!

During the 2021 Covid-19 lockdowns in New Zealand, Chili greatly impacted Lauren. Each day she was encouraged to get up and go for a walk and was a great companion. As a result, Chili became very well known within their neighbourhood as she’s just a sweet and bubbly girl!

One of Lauren and Chili’s favourite things, aside from training, is going to the beach. Chili loves running around and digging in the sand and even occasionally braving the water! It’s especially nice as they love spending this time in each other’s company and just having fun. 

The impact that Chili and Lauren have had on one another has been huge. They share so much love and positivity and have truly changed each other’s lives.