~ Kathy, Floyd, Ted and Grace ~

About 18 months ago, Kathy’s life changed thanks to one of her kittens, Floyd. His mischievous nature made him a local celebrity, and his fame has only continued to grow since!

Just after the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown in New Zealand, Kathy was looking to adopt a ginger kitten. She hoped to find a feline friend for herself and her then 10-year-old Labrador, Grace. It wasn’t long before she had seen a post about someone who was looking to rehome their kittens due to allergies. Kathy organised a visit and when she arrived, she met with two ginger and white brothers, Floyd and Ted. She couldn’t decide which one to adopt, so she adopted both!

Kathy has always loved ginger cats as she finds them to be cheeky and mischievous, and Floyd and Ted definitely prove this! Not long after learning to use the cat door, Floyd began bringing home bizarre items. It started off as sticks and leaves but gradually grew to shoes, clothes and more. 

At the time, Kathy was fairly new to her neighbourhood. While a thieving cat this was not what she wanted as her first impression, Floyd opened up conversations and helped her to meet new people. There have been many items that Kathy has found difficult to return. So, she started hanging them on her fence with a sign that read: “Collections from Floyd the Kleptomaniac Cat. Sorry, neighbours.” 

Not only has Floyd had an impact on Kathy and her neighbourhood, but also the wider community, both in New Zealand and across the world. He first made headlines in 2021 with his antics. Soon, he became a beloved local celebrity, with a decent following on social media. As well as this, one of Kathy’s neighbours leaves little handmade gifts for Floyd to find in her garden. They even come with a little note for Kathy to read!

Knowing about Floyd’s kleptomania, some of Kathy’s friends encouraged her to write a children’s book about him. While she had never written or even thought about writing a book before, she loved a good challenge. Initially, she decided to do this just as a Christmas present for her grandchildren. However, the rumours about a book being released spread quickly, and soon, Kathy decided she would get it officially published for the public. It’s even in the final stages and will be published very soon. You can pre-order it here: https://www.floydthecat.com/ 

While Floyd may have a few bad habits, he has connected his family and his neighbourhood through the joy he brings. He has hugely impacted Kathy’s life through bringing laughter and love, and has acted as an inspiration for a book. The love that Kathy, Floyd, Ted and Grace all share for one another is truly special.