~ Shirin, Keir, Archie and Sid ~

A few years ago, Shirin and Keir welcomed two rescue kittens into their home, Archie and Sid. In the time since then, they have all formed a beautiful bond and have had a huge impact on each other. 

In 2015, Shirin and Keir had been told of a litter of 12-week-old kittens who had been rescued. They decided to go meet the kittens, however, once there, Shirin and Keir couldn’t resist their sweet little faces. The kittens, Archie and Sid, greeted them with big eyes and, at that moment, knew they had found their forever home. 

Since then, Archie and Sid have helped Shirin and Keir immensely. Every day is full of laughter and happiness thanks to their feline friends. They can always cheer each other up and have been there through thick and thin. Shirin and Keir are constantly amazed by the love and intelligence that Archie and Sid share. They have also been taught patience and to be present in each and every moment. 

Having Archie and Sid has often led to many new adventures and experiences for Shirin and Keir. They have even recently started going out and about with their furbabies in a cat backpack! This is something they all enjoy and it’s even more special sharing it with one another. 

The happiness that Archie and Sid have brought Shirin and Keir is incomparable. From Archie’s fly-catching skills to Sid’s relaxed nature, they both bring so much into their lives. The love they all share is truly special.