~ Alex and May ~

A few years ago, Alex met her furbaby, May. Since then, they have become the best of friends and not only has May impacted Alex’s life, but also many others. 

Having been looking for a dog, in 2019, Alex came across a special dog on her local pound’s website. She instantly fell in love with a black and white dog named May. Unfortunately, she was unable to adopt as her house wasn’t suitable for a larger dog. Later that year, however, May had been transferred to Chained Dogs Rehabilitation and Rehoming NZ and it was the right time for Alex. 

After deciding she wanted to meet May, Alex organised a visit with May’s foster mum. May came charging down the path to Alex’s house, but as soon as they met, she instantly rolled over for belly rubs. That was it. Alex knew this was the perfect dog for her. The very next day, Alex welcomed May to her forever home. 

Since adopting May, Alex’s life has changed for the better. Despite having a difficult start in life, May is a very caring and loving dog. She has supported Alex through many challenging times and never fails to brighten her day. They have been there for each other through thick and thin and because of this, have formed a very strong and beautiful bond. 

In 2020, Alex fell ill and was unable to get out of bed for quite some time. During this time, May never left her side. She spent every day in bed next to her human and ensured to bring a smile to her face at least once a day. 

Not only has May impacted Alex, but also many others. Alex fosters from Chained Dogs Rehabilitation and Rehoming NZ. Many of these dogs have had difficult lives and can sometimes find it a challenge to socialise with and trust other dogs. Because of May’s calming nature, she helps them to adjust and feel safer in their new environment. This also helps them to find their forever homes by helping them flourish.

One of Alex and May’s favourite things to do is to go to their local beach. It’s time they get to spend and enjoy together. If Alex is having a tough day, going to the beach with May always makes it better. 

Through thick and thin, Alex and May have always been by each other’s side. They have both positively impacted the other’s life and through it all, have formed a beautiful relationship full of love and happiness.