~ Alicia and Bubbles ~

Under two years ago, Alicia welcomed black Pug, Bubbles, into her home. Since then, they have become the best of friends and have greatly improved each other’s lives. 

In 2020, Alicia was in search of a canine companion. Before long, she heard of a litter of Pug puppies. She jumped at the chance and arranged a time to meet the breeder. 

During their meeting, Alicia met a small, black and bubbly Pug, appropriately named Bubbles, who happened to be the last of the litter. She fell in love and decided this was the perfect pup for her. 

Not only did Alicia meet her forever pup, but also became lifelong friends with the breeder. She still owns Bubbles’ mum and dad and so often they all meet up which is a lot of fun for both the dogs and humans!

Since adopting Bubbles, Alicia’s life has been greatly impacted. No matter where she goes, Bubbles is always right there, happily by her side. Whether she simply goes from one room to the next, or has a shower, or even goes to the toilet, her furbaby always ensures she’s never alone. 

Aside from keeping her human company, Bubbles has a lot of energy for such a little dog! She often runs 5kms with Alicia’s husband and is still full of beans until she goes to sleep at night. Bubbles loves to be active and enjoys being around her family. 

At the end of each day, Bubbles also enjoys curling up with her human brothers. She alternates between them both each night so they get equal time with her. Her youngest brother, however, sometimes tries to stay up late to play with her. 

Having Bubbles has taught Alicia so much about Pugs. She had grown up around Boxers, so having a smaller dog was a bit of an adjustment. Because of the huge impact Bubbles has had on her, she decided to make a Facebook group for Pug owners in Auckland. They organise monthly meet-ups and have grown from 15 Pugs to 45! The meet-ups are always enjoyed by humans and dogs alike and is always a highlight of their month.

As well as having monthly meet-ups, Alicia and Bubbles enjoy going for adventures, whether on their own or with a friend from their group. From going up mountains to exploring a new park, they love this time together. When they feel less adventurous, Alicia loves to help Bubbles accessorise. While Bubbles sometimes isn’t so keen, it’s time they get to spend together and that makes it all worthwhile – with a treat or two, of course! 

Alicia can’t remember life before Bubbles. The happiness she brings to her, their family and the community is incomparable. The love they have for each other is so special and their bond will only continue to grow.