~ Fussy Dog Co ~

In 2020, The Fussy Dog Co was launched. The Fussy Dog Co is a New Zealand business who specialise in making dog-safe gravy. At present, they have three delicious flavours, all made to make mealtimes that much more enjoyable for your dog.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the founder of The Fussy Dog Co, Anthony, lost his job. Because of this loss of income, he could no longer afford the expensive food for his three dogs, Astrid, Chewie and Cashew. Deciding to buy cheaper alternatives, two of Anthony’s dogs wouldn’t touch their food – the third happily eating all three servings. 

One day, Anthony decided to try something new. While serving up his dogs’ dinner, her added some Bistro gravy. Astrid, Chewie and Cashew loved it! However, as Bistro was designed for human consumption, Anthony wanted to make a gravy that was safe for dogs to eat. He began experimenting with different ingredients and methods of making it, until he finally created what is now the recipe for all The Fussy Dog Co gravies. 

In creating The Fussy Dog Co gravy, Anthony has worked tirelessly to ensure all their recipes are healthy, delicious and affordable. He believes that good nutrition shouldn’t be expensive, and hopes that in making it accessible for everyone, this will help many pet parents and their dogs. 

While it’s only been just over a year since launching, there have been many milestones for The Fussy Dog Co. From selling their first ever jar of gravy in December of 2020, working with retailers, such as Smack Bang, having confirmation from pet stores, such as Animates and Pet Stock, to stock their products, even moving into their own Fussy Dog Co commercial kitchen, and more. 

One of Anthony’s favourite thing about The Fussy Dog Co is hearing all the feedback from customers. Whether a fussy dog, ones with special diets, or who are on medication, the gravy has been a great addition to mealtimes! Knowing that these products are helping dogs all over NZ means a lot to Anthony and The Fussy Dog Co team. 

The Fussy Dog Co is an amazing business. It’s obvious just how passionate Anthony is about providing dogs with healthy, affordable food. If you’re looking for a delicious addition for your dog’s meals, make sure you check out The Fussy Dog Co!