~ Emily and Billie ~

In 2021, Emily adopted Labrador pup, Billie. In the short amount of time since adopting Billie, she and Emily have formed a very special bond and been there for each other through thick and thin. 

Growing up, Emily was surrounded by Labradors. Sadly, before 2021, she lost her dog. This left her devastated and heartbroken. When she felt ready, she spent a lot of time convincing her parents to let her have another dog. Eventually, they gave her permission and she didn’t hesitate to find a new furry friend. 

After a lot of searching, Emily finally found the perfect pup. She had to travel six hours just to meet the puppy, Billie, but as soon as she did, she knew she was the one. Billie was a bubbly and friendly puppy; there was no doubt in Emily’s mind that Billie had found her forever home. 

Having Billie has helped Emily hugely. Before Billie, Emily was a very shy person. Now, thanks to Billie being very social, she has helped Emily to come out of her shell and meet many new people. Not only this, but having a furry friend has given Emily more of a purpose. Each morning she’s encouraged to get out of bed, go out for walks, meet new people, work on training and more. 

It’s obvious that Billie has had a huge impact on Emily’s life. They have brought so much love and positivity into each other’s lives and their bond will only continue to flourish.