~ Jordi, Jommy and Mara ~

A few years ago, Jordi welcomed Border Collie pup, Jommy, into her life. Soon after, she adopted a second pup named Mara. Since then, they have all become best friends and have formed a beautiful bond. 

Jordi has always been an animal lover, especially dogs. When she was younger, her grandfather had a Border Collie and she knew from then she would one day adopt one of her own. Then, she met Jommy. It was a big adjustment for Jordi as Jommy was very young, lots energy and needed training. 

While it took some time, training Jommy helped Jordi have a sense of accomplishment and became something she was passionate about. She felt that she had proved herself being able to train Jommy to do tricks and have good manners. As well as this, simply being able to look after someone else also provided Jordi with a purpose that she hadn’t had before. 

Not long after adopting Jommy, Jordi decided to adopt a second Border Collie pup, Mara. After working with Jommy, Jordi felt confident that a second dog would be easier, but Mara seemed to have other ideas! Unfortunately, when she adopted Mara, Jordi was struggling. She was in a bad relationship that was negatively impacting her life. Mara had come from a difficult background which have led to reactivity issues and Jordi felt putting her in a similar situation wasn’t fair to her. Because of this, she left the relationship and, for the first time in a long time, felt free. 

Several years ago, while playing fetch with Jommy using a stick, she got distracted. In the brief moment, the stick had caused an injury to Jommy’s throat. Jordi was terrified for what might happen and raced to the vet. It didn’t look good, but fortunately, Jommy recovered. Since then, Jordi has become more mindful of her dogs and is always grateful for any and every moment they all get together. 

Both Jommy and Mara have had such a huge impact on Jordi. They encourage her to get out of bed each day, to live a free and confident life, and she even has her own house as she struggled to find dog-friendly rentals. As well as this, they bring her endless joy and unconditional love. 

Having Jommy and Mara has also helped Jordi to pursue one of her other passions, photography. Before adopting them, Jordi often took photos of her anime figures, with an occasional photo of their family dog, George. Now, with her canine companions, Jordi explores new places for the perfect picture. Both Jommy and Mara also love to help out by modeling and striking many different poses! This has also allowed Jordi to meet many people and pets through doing photography.

Through thick and thin, Jordi, Jommy and Mara have been there for each other. They share so much love and, no matter what, they know they always have one another.