~ Mipuchi ~

In 2016, Mipuchi was launched. Mipuchi is a New Zealand based business who specialise in making dog-safe perfumes to keep your pup smelling lovely. 

While Michael was out looking for a fragrance for Benson, his French Bulldog, he couldn’t find one that was safe for dogs. From this, he got an idea to make his own fragrance for Benson. One that was safe and made from natural, plant-based ingredients, and that was safe for dogs and the environment. 

After some experimenting, Michael finally created just what he had in mind – a perfume for dogs. Now, since launching just over five years ago, Mipuchi has flourished and become a well known and respected pet perfume business. 

Since the launch of Mipuchi, Michael and the team have made many different scents. From lavender & chamomile to mandarin & kiwifruit, and many more! Recently, they launched a line of hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners for dogs with sensitive skin. All products are of the highest quality and smell wonderful!

Michael and the Mipuchi team believe in providing dogs with the best products possible. It’s this value that motivates them to keep creating the Mipuchi fragrances, as well as ensuring that each and every product they sell is safe for dogs and the environment. They have a passion for making a difference for dogs and the pet grooming industry in New Zealand and worldwide. 

Mipuchi is an amazing business. Not only do they create luxurious fragrances, but they have so much passion for what they do. If you’re looking for a new perfume for your fur baby, then make sure to check out Mipuchi!