~ Lauren and Gus ~

In 2019, Lauren met fluffball, Gus. Since then, they have formed a beautiful bond that has brought so much happiness and love into both their lives. 

Three years ago, Lauren saw a listing for a very fluffy black cat named Gus on the advertising website, Craigslist. She fell in love with his sweet little face and decided to adopt him. When she went to pick him up, Lauren was surprised by his feisty nature, but that made her love him even more, a little fluffy ball of sass.

Having Gus in her life has had a huge positive impact on Lauren. He has helped to brighten her days, shown unconditional love, and is always able to make her laugh with his antics. 

Gus continues to be a feisty ball of fluff. He loves Lauren immensely and even tries to protect her from anyone and everyone who tries to go into her house. Despite his protective nature, he enjoys affection from his human and, his favourite, the occasional goldfish cracker. 

The bond that Lauren and Gus share is truly special. He means so much to his human and has showered her with love ever since she gave him his forever home and the love they have for one another will only continue to grow.