~ Tash, Karl and Petal ~

Just over a year ago, Tash and Karl welcomed beautiful Corgi pup, Petal, into their home. Since then, she has brought so much joy and love into their lives and has had a huge impact. 

In 2020, Tash lost her dog, Logan, a lovely and charming Corgi. He had severe kidney dysplasia. They monitored him 24/7 and ensured he could live the best life possible. He even helped her start her business, Pup and Running. Sadly, at two years old, his condition went downhill and he passed away later that year. Just before, Tash and Karl were looking to adopt a second dog so they wouldn’t be alone after Logan’s passing. 

Losing Logan was heartbreaking. However, Petal was able to provide Tash and Karl with some sense of peace and a little more joy through the difficult time. Tash always tells Petal stories about Logan and how much of a good big brother he would have been to her. Petal just gave them a sense of hope. That they could get through it all and she was right there for them. 

Having Petal has helped Tash immensely. While Logan ignited her passion for dog training and her pet accessory business, Petal has helped to hone in on this. Pup and Running is something Tash owes to Logan, but Petal helps by being a great model. She also thrives off of learning new things and being active, which has encouraged Tash to do so, too. 

Both Tash and Petal’s favourite thing to do is to spend time together. Be it training, going for a walk or relaxing on the couch, simply being in each other’s company is enough to make any tough day better. Not only this, but having a face similar to a teddy bear comforts Tash and reminds her that she isn’t alone. 

Petal has had a huge impact on Tash and Karl. She has helped bring them love when times have been tough. Each day, she brightens their day and continues to provide them with hope and joy.