~ Saving Hope Foundation ~

A few years ago, Janine and her daughter, Anita, met a puppy who would change their lives. They met a 5-week-old Pitbull puppy, Hope, who was at the local pound and due to be euthanised. They worked tirelessly for weeks to save Hope and eventually, were able to adopt her. Knowing that this, unfortunately, isn’t a unique situation, Janine and Anita decided to do something about it – founding the Saving Hope Foundation.

Since founding Saving Hope Foundation, many dogs across New Zealand have been saved. Often, many of the dogs and puppies come into their care with health conditions, injuries, and are distrustful of humans. After supporting them, they go to fosters who help them flourish and get one step closer to finding their forever home. It’s not an easy job, but it’s one that everyone at Saving Hope Foundation puts all their care, effort and love into. 

Each day is different and presents new challenges, but for Janine, she is motivated by each animal that comes into the Saving Hope Foundation’s care. No matter what tragedies each rescue has faced, they are still so full of love. Once they are cared for, shown love and feel safe for the first time, they grow into beautiful and loving dogs who just want to find their family. 

The Saving Hope Foundation has had many pups and dogs come from awful backgrounds. Yet, time and time again, they prove just how much strength they all have. They each want to live their lives and have so much love to give to those who show them kindness. 

It’s difficult for Janine, Anita and the Saving Hope Foundation team knowing they can’t save every dog that comes into their care. However, seeing them make progress in their recovery and being able to make a difference in their life means a lot. For each of the dogs that come into their care, they have been shown love and warmth, some, for the first time ever. 

No dog or puppy is too big or small for the Saving Hope Foundation. They will continue to fight for and help any dog they can. Because of this, they’re very grateful to all the support they receive from within the community, from donations to foster families, they all help the Saving Hope Foundation to keep doing the work they do for vulnerable dogs across New Zealand. 

The work that Saving Hope Foundation is truly amazing. They offer hope to so many dogs by caring for them and helping them find forever homes. As well as this, they are helping to educate the wider community about dogs and their welfare. If you want to follow them or show some support, go check out their pages.