~ Ingrid and Ella ~

Just over six years ago, Ingrid adopted Labrador, Ella. After a challenging start to life, Ella has flourished and has now become part of the student support team at Otago University. 

In 2015, Ella found her forever home. Originally, she came from Western Johannesburg, South Africa. She was rescued by Community Led Animal Welfare (CLAW) and was cared for there. While there, she met Ingrid, who had been working at CLAW. They had an instant connection and Ingrid decided to adopt Ella. Not long after adopting Ella, Ingrid and her family moved New Zealand.

Four years later, Ella went in to be interviewed with the Otago University Student Support. Suffice to say, she passed with flying colours and has worked there ever since. Ella loves to be around people and she helps students feel more relaxed and happier whenever they pay her a visit. 

Ella also just seems to know when a student needs a bit of extra care. She’s certainly a valued member of the university and has had a huge impact on everyone who meets her! Getting to work and live with Ingrid has also been great for both her and Ella. 

When not at Otago University, Ella enjoys walks around the neighbourhood and along the beach with her humans. It’s one of her favourite times as she gets to spend time with just her humans and she gets a chance to further explore her community. At the end of the day, however, she simply loves spending time with her family and her 3-legged cat friend, Fred. 

The impact that Ella has had on Ingrid and the greater community has been incredible. She has brought so much happiness to everyone she meets and no matter what, just manages to spread a bit of positivity wherever she goes.