~ Thor and Dudeman ~

A few years ago, Dudeman found his forever home with Thor. They quickly became best friends and formed a very special bond. Since then, they have spread positivity through sharing their story. 

Thor has always loved animals, especially dogs. One night, he was chosen by a hopeful pup. When he returned home after a long day, he was greeted by a loud bark. A stray dog had been left outside his house and had chosen to stay there. Thor was instantly in love and decided to adopt him and called him Prince Dudeman, or simply Dudeman. 

As someone with a hearing impairment, Thor was glad to have a dog who could alert him to sounds. Dudeman has also helped Thor to spread joy through their journey together, both locally and worldwide. Not only this, but Dudeman has also provided Thor with a focus and has helped him learn to put others first. 

In 2020, Dudeman was diagnosed with severe glaucoma. As a result of this, he had to undergo a major surgery to have the cancer removed from his eyes. While this thankfully got rid of the cancerous cells, it led to him becoming permanently blind. Seeing him go through this was difficult for Thor, but Dudeman’s courage and passion for life was a constant source of inspiration. 

Despite going through all he did, Dudeman has a zest for life and lives each day to the fullest. He and Thor have done performances and been part of different shows. They have appeared on Nickolodean shows and Netflix series. In their down time, they enjoy surfing together and going on hikes. As a team, they share the message that nothing is impossible with audiences across the world. 

Through thick and thin, Thor and Dudeman have been by each other’s side. Dudeman has brought so much light and love into Thor’s life and continues to inspire him every day. The love they have for one another and bond they share is truly special.