~ Cynthia and Buttercup ~

Just over two years ago, Cynthia met Buttercup, a Holland Lop rabbit. They fell instantly in love and have been best friends ever since. 

For as long as she can remember, Cynthia has always wanted a rabbit. In 2020, she and her partner were looking to adopt a pet. They had wanted to adopt a dog, but living in an apartment meant they weren’t allowed to. One day, while at a pet store, Cynthia met a very sweet little white and brown rabbit – Buttercup. She knew immediately that Buttercup would be perfect and decided to adopt her. 

Since adopting Buttercup, Cynthia’s life has changed for the better. Knowing she has her fluffy companion by her side reminds her she’s not alone. After a particularly tough day, knowing she will be met by Buttercup can make all the difference. She can bring a smile to her human’s face by being herself and just make each day so much brighter. 

One of Cynthia’s favourite things is simply being around Buttercup. Whether she’s interacting with or just watching her furry friend, it allows her to just be in the moment. They love spending time together, they especially love laying down on the couch together for cuddles. 

Cynthia and Buttercup share such a beautiful bond. They have brought joy and love into each other’s life. It is easy to see how much they mean to one another.