~ Kitten Kay Sera and Pinkaboo ~

About two years ago, Kitten Kay Sera welcomed sweet Pomeranian pup, Pinkaboo, into her life. Since then, they have brought so much love and positivity into the world with their rosy pink life.  

Kitten Kay Sera, also known as the ‘Pinkest Person in The World; and ‘Queen of Pink’, has made quite a name for herself. She surrounds herself in all shades of pink and brings a lot of happiness to those who follow her. 

In 2020, Kitten saw photos and videos of a cute little Pomeranian puppy. In May of that same year, she met the pup and fell instantly in love. The pup loved cuddles and was so sweet, Kitten had no doubt in her mind that they were meant to be. From that moment, she decided to adopt her and named her Pinkaboo. 

Wanting to share her passion for pink, Kitten wanted a healthy and safe way to colour Pinkaboo’s fur. She tried beet juice and it worked perfectly. After talking to Pinkaboo’s vet, it was approved as a natural and non-toxic way to dye her fur. And so, that’s what she has done ever since so Kitten can be the pinkest person and Pinkaboo the pinkest pup. 

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, Kitten was immensely grateful to have Pinkaboo. During the difficult and scary time, Kitten was isolated and away from her friends and family. Pinkaboo helped her to cope. She provided her with comfort and entertainment. From keeping her company, encouraging her to go for walks, and just being a sweet little pup, she made the lockdown so much better. 

Having Pinkaboo has had a huge impact on Kitten. Wherever she goes, she spreads so much joy and happiness with her bubbly personality. People often stop her for a pawtograph! Whenever she meets a new friend, Pinkaboo will roll over, waiting for a belly rub. She never fails to bring a smile to all those around her.

A year after adopting Pinkaboo, she and Kitten were even on the cover of Vogue magazine! They featured in the pink issue of Vogue Portugal and shared their rose coloured life with the world. Pinkaboo had a cameo in Kitten’s music video for her song, ‘Pink Universe’ too. Not only this, but they also appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show in February. 

When not modelling or making public appearances, Kitten and Pinkaboo simply enjoy each other’s company. One of their favourite things is going to the beach. Kitten rents a pink bike and will ride along the beach trail for hours with Pinkaboo in her own comfortable, and pink, backpack. At home, if Kitten is dancing, Pinkaboo is always excited to join her. 

Every day of Kitten’s is full of love, joy, and, of course, pink, thanks to Pinkaboo. They spread happiness with so many people. The bond they share is truly amazing.