~ Alayna and Revere ~

Just under nine years ago, Alayna adopted Revere, a lovely tuxedo cat. In the time since then, they have formed a strong and beautiful bond and have had a huge impact on each other. 

Alayna has always been an animal lover. She had decided to visit a shelter in Boston, Massachusetts. There, she met a tiny black and white kitten with big loving eyes named Crayola. She was in love and had no doubt this was the perfect cat for her. Alayna adopted the kitten and gave her a new name – Revere. 

Shortly after welcoming Revere into her home, Alayna noticed it was a big adjustment. Revere was scared of her new surroundings and Alayna was scared that she might escape and run away. She kept her in the bathroom on the first night as it was the safest room she could think of. During the middle of the night, she decided to check on her new kitten. As soon as she opened the door, Revere meowed loudly and ran right up to her new human and just snuggled with her. Alayna knew from that moment that she and Revere were meant to be – and that she would no longer be spending nights in the bathroom. 

Having Revere has had a huge impact on Alayna. As someone who works from home, knowing that she has a furry friend to keep her company means a lot. Each day is filled with so much love and happiness because of Revere. She often reminds Alayna to take breaks and or stretch her legs after long days.

One of Alayna and Revere’s favourite things is to play together. From playing with her cat wand to chasing balls up and down the hallway, it always brightens their day. When they feel like relaxing, Alayna and Revere love snuggling together and just being in each other’s company. 

Revere has taught Alayna so much. She has helped her understand how to better communicate with cats and has shown her unconditional love. They share a beautiful bond and bring out the best in one another.