~ Storm and Oakley ~

Two years ago, Storm met Oakley. Oakley, who has since become Storm’s service cat, has had a huge impact on both his human and the community. 

On a hot summer’s day in 2019, Storm’s mother asked her to come outside and help take some groceries out of the car. When Storm got there, she saw a box that had two kittens in it. One of the kittens was Oakley, who Storm immediately felt a bond with. Storm was beyond excited by this unexpected surprise.

Storm struggles with anxiety, so she felt that a service animal would be helpful. When she met Oakley, she felt he would be ideal. He is smart, protective and loves to work, making him the perfect candidate. They began training together and Oakley soon became an official service cat. 

Since they started training, Oakley has been trained to alert Storm to high heart rate, behaviour interruptions, DPT when she is experiencing a panic attack, and more. One time in particular that Oakley had a big impact on Storm was when they were together at a park. It was a very busy day as there were activities being held, and some parents and children had crowded around Storm and Oakley. Sensing that his human was becoming stressed from this, Oakley pulled on his leash and guided Storm to a nearby bench. 

Not only does Oakley help with his task-work, but he provides Storm with a sense of companionship. On days that are difficult, he’s always there to comfort and support her. Whether through snuggles or simply being close by, he always manages to brighten Storm’s day. 

When Oakley isn’t working, he and Storm enjoy going quad biking together. They both love the sense of adventure and exploring the new surroundings. When they feel like something more relaxing, they like to go for walks, whether at a park or around the block. 

The impact that Oakley has had on Storm has been huge. He has not only helped her to gain more confidence and independence, but also has brought so much love and happiness into her life. They truly share such a beautiful bond.