~ Abrea and Flirty ~

A few years ago, Abrea met her best friend and service horse, Flirty. Since then, Flirty has had a huge impact on her human and allows her to have more confidence and independence in her daily life. 

Back in 2017, Abrea was looking for a service animal. At the time, she had allergies to dogs and so, a service horse was recommended. Abrea visited a breeder of American Miniature horses where she met several of them. However, as soon as she met LA Blues A Little Flirtatious, or Flirty, she instantly felt a connection. 

Before Flirty, Abrea hardly went out for things like groceries and rarely was able to go out with friends. Now, thanks to Flirty’s support, Abrea goes out to the shops, meets with friends and has the freedom to go where she wants. This has been life-changing for Abrea and has given her more independence than she had ever thought possible. 

Abrea struggles with her mental health, so Flirty has been trained as a psychiatric service horse. This means she alerts Abrea and responds to any cue she may give, such as panic attacks, dissociation, and anxiety. Part of how Flirty helps is simply being there. Knowing that she is there if needed is reassuring and provides Abrea with a sense of security. If she experiences any symptoms, Flirty is right there to keep her grounded and help guide her.

In 2021, Abrea took Flirty to Comic-Con, something that she had been looking forward to for a long time. While they were browsing the vendors, Abrea had a severe panic attack, became very disoriented and started to dissociate. Amidst this, Flirty helped Abrea stay on her feet and guided her to a quiet area. There, she calmed Abrea down and reminded her to take her medications. Thankfully, Abrea was able to recover quickly, thanks to Flirty, and was able to go back to enjoying Comic-Con.

One of their favourite things to do together is going to the zoo. Abrea has always enjoyed going to the zoo, so being able to share this with Flirty is very special to her. It brings her joy to see Flirty interact with all the animals, and even more so seeing the other animals’ reactions to her! The primates are always especially interested in seeing Flirty when she visits. 

Having Flirty has changed Abrea’s life. The love and joy they share with each other is so special. Flirty is Abrea’s family, best friend and companion, and Abrea is Flirty’s. Through thick and thin, they always know they have one another.