~ Gem and Luna ~

Almost two years ago, Gem adopted Luna. After a difficult start in life, Gem helped Luna to flourish and become the loving cat she is today. 

In September 2020, Gem was told about two kittens, Astrid and Luna, who were in need of a forever home. They had been born on a farm to a feral mum and both born with a disability, cerebellar hypoplasia, or wobbly cat syndrome, and had been saved from being put down. As someone who has her own disability, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Gem felt there was already a bond between them, as they both had faced their own challenges in life. They were dropped off and as she looked into their faces, she cried and promised to give them the love they deserved. 

For the first few weeks, Gem bottle-fed Astrid and Luna as well as fed them wet kitten food as they were only 100g each. All this occurred amid the Covid-19 pandemic and Gem was beyond grateful to have them both during that difficult time.

Gem was devastated in March of 2021 when Astrid crossed the rainbow bridge. She had been experiencing severe seizures and there was nothing more to be done. Gem and Luna were absolutely devastated. Initially, Luna wouldn’t even go outside after losing her sister. Then, Gem had the idea to take Luna out in her backpack. She needed a cat carrier that she could wear while using crutches and had one at home. The backpack even had a bubble so that Luna could watch the world around them. 

Since then, Luna has gradually gained more confidence. She and Gem spread a lot of awareness about animals with disabilities. Whether out and about, or simply sharing a photo on Luna’s social media accounts, they always bring so much joy to others. Not only this, but those around them have helped them hugely. Luna had never been very active, yet with the help of her social media followers, they raised enough money to buy her very own wheelchair! Luna has found more independence thanks to her new set of wheels. It’s a slow process but it’s immensely rewarding and gives her freedom in her day to day life. 

One of their favourite things to do together is to go out together. Whether at a cafe, a friend’s place, work, or visiting Luna’s granny in Scotland – there’s nowhere they won’t go! Gem and Luna love exploring new places, too. Luna even has her own seat in the campervan, allowing her to join her parent’s adventures.

Something that Gem wants people to know is that they shouldn’t be afraid of adopting an elderly or disabled animal. Not only do the animals get a happy and fulfilling life, but they give the same in return to their humans. 

Having Luna has changed so much for Gem. Luna is a shining light of joy and has helped her human during the darkest of days. Whether through her cheeky antics or snuggles, she brings so much happiness to those around her, and has changed Gem’s life for the better because of it.