~ Jessie and Archie ~

For as long as she can remember, Jessie has always loved animals. When she welcomed lovely Border Collie pup, Archie into her life. Since then, they have formed a beautiful bond and have had a huge impact on one another. 

Jessie spent years waiting for it to be the right time, and then a few more looking for the right dog. Then, one day, she discovered a small ball of fluff online who was looking to find his forever home. She instantly knew he was perfect, and so, she contacted the owner and began thinking of names. 

When the pup was eight weeks old, he and Jessie met in person. Jessie was overwhelmed with love and joy when she saw him. As she signed the forms, she was thrilled to know she was providing a puppy with his forever home and a new name, Archie. 

Having Archie has taught Jessie so much. Being a Border Collie, he had an endless amount of energy. For the first few months, it was difficult as Jessie would often be sleep deprived and so frustrated at times. However, she learnt patience through this and knew he just needed some guidance and training. He struggled with walking on a leash nicely, and it has been a long process to teach how to act when out and about, but he is now doing a lot better and always enjoys their walkies!

No matter what, Archie can always manage to make Jessie smile. He wakes her up each morning for breakfast, encourages her to go outside for walks and more. Something Archie loves is playing soccer, but insists on carrying something with him while doing so, such as a leaf or a toy. As well as being very active, Archie also loves to learn new tricks and doing dog sports. 

If Jessie is having a tough day, she just looks at Archie and thinks about their bond, knowing that, together, they can get through anything. He has brought so much joy into her life and the love they share for each other is truly special.