~ Such A Punk Pets ~

A few years ago, wig maker, Jill Kaplan, made a funky wig for a friend’s dog. Since then, she has gone on to make many more wigs for pets through her business, Such A Punk Pets

Jill has been a wig-maker for over 20 years. Before starting her business, she was feeling somewhat lost. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to be doing in life For as long as she can remember, she has always been creative and making new things. Around the same time she was questioning what she wanted to do, a friend asked her to make a mohawk for her dog for a punk rocker Halloween costume. Jill was more than happy to fulfil this request and was ecstatic with the end result. 

After making her first dog-friendly mohawk, Jill discovered a new passion. Making the first mohawk filled her with joy, and she began getting requests from other friends. Soon, she decided to make it into a business, and Such A Punk Pets was born. 

Not long after starting Such A Punk Pets, Jill got a very special order. A dog named Myles arrived at the Fly Away Home rescue and went to a fospice (foster and hospice) home. His fospice mother asked Jill to make Myles some mohawks and it was the best thing for him. 

While Myles’s health was declining, he was always excited to wear one of his mohawks. Whenever his fospice mum put one on him, he would start bouncing around like a puppy. When they went out for a walk, they always received many compliments. Sadly, it wasn’t long before he crossed the rainbow bridge, but knowing that he was filled with happiness before this because of his mohawks inspired Jill to continue her work to bring the same happiness to others. 

One of Jill’s favourite things about Such A Punk Pets is seeing all the happy pets and pet parents. When a new photo pops up or she reads a positive review, it means the world to her. Jill especially loves seeing cats and dogs wearing her mohawks in person, whether she’s selling them at an event or just out and about. Knowing she made something that brings joy to so many people and animals encourages Jill to continue making and improving her mohawk styles.

Being her own boss has been life-changing for Jill. Having a sense of freedom helps a lot with her creativity and to express herself. Because of this, Jill is constantly looking into new ways to improve her wig styles and designs. It’s her happy place and means a lot that she gets to do this as a job. 

If you would like to get a funky mohawk for your furbaby, check out Such A Punk Pets’ page! Jill has such a passion for what she does and, of course, enjoys sharing her love of animals and style!