~ Isabel and Olive ~

Three years ago, Boxer pup, Olive, found her family. Since then, they have formed such a beautiful bond and Olive has brought so much love and happiness into their home. 

Sadly, in 2017, Olive’s family lost their dog, Scarlet, to kidney failure. They were absolutely devastated. Exactly one year later, they received a phone call from a breeder. They were told about a pup, Olive, who would be a great fit for the. It felt like a sign and Isabel immediately decided to adopt Olive.

Since day one, Olive has brought so much joy into her family’s home. She’s a pup full of love and is very smart – sometimes too smart! Olive has a big personality and loves to make everyone smile. Her family’s lives have been hugely impacted by Olive’s positivity, energy and endless love.

Something that Olive and her whole family love doing is going for walks together. As well as this, Olive has a love for any ball she sees, especially tennis balls, and would happily play all day long. She also enjoys playing with her cousin, Meg, who visits a few times per week. 

Olive has touched so many lives. She has brought so much happiness into her family’s lives and all those who meet her. The bond that they share is so special and they have had a huge impact on each other.