~ Steve, John and Oscar ~

Earlier this year, Steve and his husband, John, gave their beautiful dog, Oscar, a second chance in life. Since then, Oscar has only known love and has given just as much in return to his new humans. 

At the start of 2022, 5-year-old Oscar, formerly known as Fezco, was surrendered to a local animal shelter. His previous humans had labelled him as ‘gay’ after humping another male dog. While this is normal dog behaviour, his previous humans decided to surrender him. 

This story was all over the news at the time. Steve and John, who have been together 33 years, heard about this and felt like something had to be done. Unfortunately, neither of them is a stranger to the same prejudice and discrimination that Oscar experienced. Initially, they offered to donate, however, this turned into them fostering, before they ultimately decided to give him a forever home and renamed him Oscar, after Oscar Wilde.

Not long after adopting him, Steve and John discovered just how far Oscar’s story had reached. Everyone was talking about ‘Oscar the Gay Dog.’ They were invited for interviews and saw Oscar’s story shared far and wide. Being able to share a message of love and acceptance meant so much to Steve and John, and they are proud to be Oscar’s dads.

Steve and John have always been passionate about animals and have often shown their support for local rescues and shelters. They also do what they can to inspire those around them to help out, too, and to foster or even adopt if they can. It’s important to Steve and John to do what they can to provide hope for the animals that are helped by the rescues and shelters. 

After adopting Oscar, it was found that he had some prior health issues, such as having heartworms and a cancerous lump. It was evident that he needed a lot of care and support. Steve and John spent quite some time at the vet with Oscar. The lump was thankfully able to be fully removed, however, the heartworms took a bit more time. 

Heartworms are a kind of parasite that, like the name suggests, impact the heart and therefore blood and can be life-threatening. The treatment entailed Oscar having some injections not dissimilar to chemotherapy. It was immensely difficult for Steve and John to see their new furbaby go through such a situation. 

Now, Oscar has recovered from heartworm! He will require yearly tests and monthly preventative treats, but Steve and John are very grateful that Oscar has finally been getting the care he has needed for so long and now lives a life of love and is free of the health issues that were causing his so much distress. 

Having Oscar has changed Steve and John’s lives. It has been quite a big adjustment for them, as well as their other dog, Harry, but as a family, they’ve gotten through it all. Oscar has shown that, no matter a person’s culture, disability, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or anything else, animals never judge. Animals accept their humans for who they are and provide them with love and joy each and every day.

To Steve and John, Harry and Oscar are their children. They care for them each day and ensure they get everything they need. It was a challenge for Harry to accept a new brother, however, he and Oscar enjoy playing together! It took some time, but they are now great friends. In the mornings, Steve and John are often greeted by the ‘thump, thump, thump’ of Oscar’s wagging tail against their bed. 

The bond that Steve, John, Harry and Oscar all share is truly special. They have added so much more into each other’s lives, simply through being their true selves and, of course, unconditional love.